Ther Rules You Must Go by in Online poker

Ther Rules You Must Go by in Online poker

The unwritten rule of online poker has to do with folding your cards and how you deal with them. It will occur several times that players with a lot of money, before the flop is turned, bet a lot of money to scare people away and thus steal the blinds. It will also happen often enough that you hand in your cards and no longer play along with the game.

The Right Way to Work

If the flop is then turned and you see that you would have had a very good online poker hand with your bad cards, according to online poker etiquette it is really ‘not done’ to respond to it. So do not hit your hand on the table, do not curse, do not sit staring at the flop with your mouth open. This gives the other players information about which card you have had, which in turn can favor or even disadvantage one of the players. The right thing to do is simply not respond. It is again an example of etiquette that is meant to make the game run fairly. The only right thing you can do in such a situation is not responding and hoping that you will have more luck the next hand. Keep it fair for all players. In the case of the situs judi online terpercaya this is very important.

Other Important Thing

The main rule of online poker etiquette is that you never, but never, respond to the dealer’s frustration or anger. It may happen that you have a 95% chance of winning in an online poker hand, and then see that one card appears on the river that is the rescue for your opponent. The mood can run high, especially if a lot of money is at stake and you are in a critical phase of the game.

Ther Rules You Must Go by in Online poker

The Right Dealer

But no matter what happens, the dealer is a neutral person who only shuffles and deals the cards as directed. You, therefore, maintain control at all times and do not reduce yourself to behavior such as throwing the cards at the dealer, shouting at the dealer. As a winner, you also don’t tip the dealer if he gives you the winning card with small chances on the river. With this you irritate the loser so much and you make it look like the dealer works in your favor. The dealer must be seen as not part of the game in this regard. They have no control over what is happening on the table, so don’t respond to them.